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Anglian Water, Clancy and Kier announce new alliance to deliver on AMP8 investment


Anglian Water, Clancy and Kier have announced a new alliance – the Integrated Maintenance, Repair and Developer Services (IMRDS) alliance – to deliver on AMP8 investment.

The IMRDS alliance, which will run until 2030, will work to deliver operational and commercial excellence, whether through proactive renewal of Anglian Water’s network, reinforcing vulnerable mains to mitigate the impacts of climate change, or connecting new developments. The partnership will prioritise environmental protections and innovative techniques that will improve services for customers now and in the future.

This alliance combines elements of the Integrated Maintenance and Repair (IMR) and Integrated Metering and Developer Services (IMDS) alliances, through which the Clancy team has been delivering vital connections and repair and maintenance since 2015.

Matt Cannon, chief executive at Clancy, said:

“The demands of population growth, ageing infrastructure and increasingly unpredictable and warm weather are putting significant pressure on the UK’s water networks. Collaboration will play a big role in our ability to tackle these challenges and deliver the investment needed throughout AMP8 most effectively and with the least disruption for customers.   

“Our long-standing relationship with Anglian Water puts us in a strong position to do this through the IMRDS Alliance and boost the network’s resilience, building on our successes so far and finding constant improvements to how we repair and maintain assets.  We’re excited to be continuing this work together over the coming years.” 

David Ward, director of IMRDS, said:

“Delivering safe, clean drinking water to our customers while keeping our people safe is our top priority – and it’s what our customers tell us they care about most, too.  We’ve been taking a really critical look at how we’ve performed over the past 10 years, making sure that we learn from the things we could have done better or differently, and holding onto the practices and behaviours that make us a really successful alliance.

“The strength of the IMRDS alliance is in the partnership between Anglian Water, Kier and Clancy.  Together, we work to keep our people safe, deliver for our customers, and take care of the environment. I look forward to everything we will achieve as the IMRDS Alliance over the coming years.”



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