What we do

Clancy is committed to building a sustainable future for all, through the projects that we work on and through engagement and collaboration with the local communities in which we are located. We work with customers to ensure that we can deliver our vital services in the most efficient and least disruptive way, using our expertise and the very latest equipment.

Delivering social impact on every job

Our mission of 'making life better for all our growing families' is at the heart of the business ensuring that we deliver social value on every job.

Committed to a net zero future

We have invested in electric vehicles and improved our head office as we work towards being carbon neutral by 2030.

Giving back with the Clancy Foundation

Our foundation is a long term commitment to support community projects and organisations who need support.

Delivering an ethical business

We are aware of the impacts that our business can have, not only directly on our sites, but throughout our wider supply chain.

Looking after the environment

We are passionate about the environment, one example is the Clancy environmental awareness training Green Card, a programme for all office and site-based staff.

Social impact

We aim to promote and foster a culture that values diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the Clancy Group and the diverse communities we serve, in order to achieve our mission of ‘making life better for all our growing families’.

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Road to net zero

Clancy is committed to net zero 2050, the globally declared target to help maintain the planet’s temperature increase to no more than 1.5 degrees Centigrade. We are also preparing a carbon route map to achieve net zero by 2030.

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Clancy Foundation

We set up the Clancy Foundation as a long-term commitment, to support community projects and organisations and help deliver wide ranging social, economic and environmental benefits and make life better for everyone’s growing families.

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Ethical business

We are aware of the impacts that our business can have on our sites and throughout our wider supply chain. We select ethical suppliers and work in partnership with them as we continue to improve on best practice approaches.

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Site environmental management

Our environmental teams work closely with our site engineers and construction operatives to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities to protect our natural assets whilst undertaking their work.

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