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Clancy awarded ‘Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate’


Aberdeen Place A & B Electrical Substation

Clancy Docwra are proud to report that we have complied with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice by achieving a score of 7 or above in each of the five sections and have been awarded the Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate.

  • Care about Appearance
  • Respect the Community
  • Protect the Environment
  • Secure everyone’s Safety
  • Value their Workforce

The aim of the Scheme is to improve the image of construction. We achieved this by having our registered sites monitored, followed by actioning areas where improvements can be made.

Clancy Docwra achieved a score of 40.

Dave Gaughan accepted this award and said ‘This couldn’t have been achieved without the hard work and commitment of Craig Aust and the team on site’

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