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Clancy wins 4th Site Beacon Award


The Beacon award scheme recognises suppliers who demonstrate outstanding performance in health and safety. Transport for London only awards this accolade to contractors who consistently demonstrate a commitment to improving and maintaining high standards of health and safety. Clancy Docwra’s rules support the London Underground safety mantra “Everyone home safe and healthy every day”.

The Beacon scheme is based on the Considerate Constructors Scheme, but demands even higher standards and has additional requirements, because of the potentially hazardous rail environment. Tube Lines introduced the scheme in 2006 to help ensure that all work at its project sites and maintenance depots is undertaken safely and considerately.

The criteria for the Beacon site award fall into five categories:

  • Consideration
  • Environment
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety and health
  • Management and values

We at Clancy Docwra strive to improve on best practices and exceed the expectations of our Client, London Underground, with an impressive four Beacon Awards being presented to Clancy Docwra on our SER sites. These sites are:

  • Plaistow
  • Dagenham East
  • Upminster Depot
  • Embankment Station Refurbishment

Each Project Team is proud to hold the award on their site and a special thank you to all involved on their contribution to this magnificent achievements.

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