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Kevin Clancy appointed as President of The Pipelines Industries Guild


We are delighted to announce that our Joint Chairman Kevin Clancy has been appointed President of the Pipeline Industries Guild. Uniquely, this represents the first time that a former Chairman of the Guild has been appointed as President.

Reflecting on his appointment Kevin commented “This is a fantastic organisation and I am delighted to have been appointed President.”

Now entering its 59th year, the Guild is an incredibly important organisation that has for many years supported the interests of companies like Clancy Docwra. I am incredibly proud to have the opportunity to continue this great work alongside our members, to ensure that our fellow organisations continue to have a voice in this ever-expanding industry”.

The Guild is the respected authority within all branches of the pipeline industry, and there are few pipeline engineering problems its members cannot solve. Part of its increasing and unique strength is the Guild’s ability to attract members from all sides of the pipeline industry, whether they be concerned with deep-sea pipelines or with the latest developments on land in no-dig and minimal-disturbance pipe and duct-laying technology.

The Pipeline Industries Guild has a clear vision of its future, in which it will broaden its pipeline-engineering interests and continue to cater for the ever-widening horizons of its expanding membership.

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