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The Clancy Group announces 2020 Vision – to be the most trusted provider of essential services that keep the UK running


The entire workforce of The Clancy Group temporarily took time-out as company directors visited 12 venues over 2 days to deliver our new mission and vision in the run up to 2020.

Armed with the company’s proud new mission, to make life better for all our families, directors embarked upon a mission of their own, firstly to congratulate and thank our colleagues for their efforts over the last 5 years, the most successful period in The Clancy Group’s history, and secondly to ask colleagues what we can do better to improve their lives, their family’s lives and the lives of the clients that we work with.

Kevin and Dermot Clancy the company’s Joint Chairmen both attended multiple events. Kevin commented, “I am incredibly proud that we have not lost our identity. We remain a company that cares about our values, our reputation and importantly our people who work very hard every day to maintain them”.

The Clancy Group announced a clear statement to its employees and the industry: To be the most trusted provider of essential services that keep the UK running.

Seamus Keogh, COO commented, “We have a plan and we are well on our way. We have done a lot of work during the course of the last regulatory AMP period, we’ve provided some great results to our clients, many of those clients have been with for over 20 years. That long-term relationship is based on mutual trust, it’s based on adaptability, capability and it’s based on working together collaboratively.

Our vision and mission are under-pinned by our values; integrity, stability, standards and client satisfaction as well as our 6Ss – Safe, Successful, Sustainable, Secure, Skilled and Systems. These are the foundations that we will use to measure our performance and over the course of the next five years we will ensure that we continue to innovate and deliver against these values, only then can we achieve our ambition”.

At the launch employees were introduced to the ‘ideas pipeline’, a new campaign to encourage people to share their thoughts and ideas for improving the company’s performance.

The campaign is backed with a £10,000 awards fund for family based rewards. The 1st two winners on the day of the launch were Tim Scott and Dale Bristow from the South West region who came up with ideas for improving productivity by addressing simple day-to-day behaviours. The ideas tackled being a leader and proactively promoting safety, being a role model and influencing positive change and better understanding of our client’s needs and delivering accordingly to them.

The directors clarified throughout the launch events that the second phase of our launch is to deliver our vision and mission to our clients to ensure that we work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.

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