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A Job Well Done


We were recently informed that two of our operational technicians have been exceeding the expected levels of service whilst conducting repair and maintenance projects for Southern Water. We have received multiple compliments regarding proficient customer service skills and awareness of the wider community who may be disrupted by often noisy reinstatement works right outside their residences.

Chris Needham has been working for Clancy Docwra since 12th October 2015. He enjoys meeting the number of people the job allows him to and sees himself in the role for the foreseeable future. There is a great feeling of camaraderie in the operative teams which allows strong friendships to form. As you are dependent on the team you are given its vital that you are able to fully trust the capabilities of all members. Chris also realises the importance of safety within the job as its vital in ensuring that not only his team get home safe, but properties in the surrounding location of the job are free from danger throughout the working period, clearly shown by his open communicative attitude towards customers. It’s great to see that many have an attitude beyond just getting the work complete.

Craig Simmonds has also been working for Clancy Docwra for the same period of time, but has over ten years of experience as a reinstatement operative under his belt. He described the daily life of an operative which begins with a very early rise! It is then essential to stock up on all of the required items needed for the day from the yard, such as tarmac and small hand tools. As both Craig and Chris work on repair and maintenance jobs, they are likely to complete up to 5 jobs a day in a variety of locations. Many of them involve obstructing customer’s properties, so polite communication is essential to ensure consideration is shown to citizens likely to be disrupted.

We are very proud to have individuals like Chris and Craig working as operatives for Clancy Docwra and it gives us great faith that there are many more examples of great customer service evident in other areas of our company. We believe that excellent work like this shouldn’t go unnoticed, so felt this was the perfect opportunity to thank all of you who go above and beyond your duties at work.

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