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A nationwide update on our Multi Utility contracts


Our work on Multi Utility projects started in Scotland in 2006 and soon after we developed our offering in the North of England. We are now broadening our offering to the south where we can confirm our first contract with Miller Homes. We provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ for developers for the provision of all utility installations and whilst the bulk of this work is in residential housing, the offerings also extend to commercial and industrial service provision. Clancy Docwra is currently working for 30 different developers around the UK, covering a wide range of different projects – not just building sites but also local schools, and right through to a testing facility for offshore wind farms for our client NAREC – the National Renewables Energy Centre.

News from the North

Commenting on Clancy Docwra’s Multi Utility success in the North East, Contract Manager Liam Haughton said: “Our work in the region has expanded in the last six years, thanks to a lot of hard work and commitment by all of the people involved – from the teams through to the management. This would also not have happened without the support of the team in Scotland, where Multi Utility was already well established, and everyone in Harefield who wanted us to succeed. We have now expanded the area into Yorkshire, which is being looked after my colleague Keith Fishburn.”

To date in the North East we have completed 136 projects, with a further 82 in progress and another 26 already won, but not yet commenced. A fantastic achievement we’re sure you will agree! The information below shows the number of plots won in total – split by Gas, Electric and Water – and broken down into plots completed and plots remaining over all the sites:

Won: 15, 404
Completed: 6,813
Remaining: 8,591

Won: 15,702
Completed: 6,997
Remaining: 8,705

Won: 7,260
Completed: 2,680
Remaining: 4,580

In total to date we have laid 108,376m of electric mains, and 82,650m of gas mains.

Liam concludes, “With the nature of this type of work, there is no term contract that we have for a set number of years. This keeps us grounded. We are only as good as our last job, so we have our own destiny in our hands. Our order book has grown due to repeat business, and this comes from having a good reputation – if we do not do a good job the clients would not use us again! The teams are our front line to the customer and we remind them of this all the time. Be committed, work safely and conscientiously – and always do what you say you are going to do. This is how we work, and our success so far is testament to that approach.

New contracts in Scotland

We also have three new sites which were all awarded in March 2016. These have not started as yet but they are in planning for hand over to operations and then commencement in the near future:

Taylor Wimpey
Location: Tannochside, Uddingston
Scope: Multi Utility for 140 units
Value: £452,000

Robertson Homes
Location: Colinhill Farm
Scope: Multi Utility for 155 units
Value: £467,000

Miller Homes
Location: Edinburgh
Scope: Gas and Water only for 167 units
Value: £319,000

Update on the South

As our work in Multi Utility expands, we’re now also delighted to be taking on this type of contract in our Southern region as well – work started on our first Multi Utility project at the end of March, for Miller Homes. This job is worth £150,000 and is located at Abingdon Road in Drayton, near Oxford.

The scheme covers Gas and Electric for 73 units, including:

  • 1,195m of gas mains ranging from 60mm to 125mm diameter pipes
  • 80m of high voltage cable to a new mini substation
  • 1,144m of low voltage cable
  • 73 gas supplies
  • 74 electric supplies, which includes one commercial property

Commenting on the new project, Contracts Manager Alan Skipper said, “This is an exciting time for Clancy Docwra, having been awarded our first Multi Utility scheme in the South, for the developer Miller Homes. This is an area in which we are keen to grow, and although the Multi Utility team in the South is in its relative infancy, we have had the full support from our colleagues in the North who are far more established in this line of business. The team in the South will grow and become ever stronger thanks to their support in the early days.”

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