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Clancy donates £1 million to support employees and their families


Clancy is giving £1 million to employees to support them with the rising cost of living and energy through the coming winter.

Any employee earning less than £50,000 per annum, amounting to 1,800 of our 2,300 strong workforce will receive £500, with £250 paid in November and a further £250 paid in March.

Matt Cannon, chief executive officer of Clancy, said: “This is a difficult time for many, particularly as we head into winter and with Christmas on the horizon.  As a family-owned business, we wanted to find a way to provide some extra help for our colleagues and their own families facing higher energy and food prices over the coming months.

“Many of the colleagues within our diverse teams are out in the field, working hard day in, day out.  They are key workers who did their jobs diligently and expertly throughout the pandemic and who will continue to play their critical role in keeping communities connected to vital utilities.

“This cost of living support payment goes someway to showing our appreciation for that dedication and hard work, and I hope it will help to offset some of the challenges of the next few months.”

Beyond our own business, we are also looking at how we can help wider communities during these challenging economic times.  As part of these efforts, we are pleased to be donating to local foodbanks across the UK this winter through the Clancy Foundation – with Clancy colleagues helping to identify the worthy recipients.

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