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Boosting efficiency and safety with PAM St Gobain partnership

Clancy Developments

A pioneering new technique to boost efficiency and safety on site has been trialled by Clancy together with PAM St Gobain – with great success. As part of an exclusive innovation partnership between the two companies, PAM St Gobain has developed a vacuum lift which can be attached to construction plant as a means of moving heavy and often unwieldy pipework.

Traditionally, pipework has been moved on site through a combination of human intervention and lifting cranes to swing them into place. Unless managed carefully, this can create risks for employees as it involves them working in close proximity to machinery and heavy equipment. By contrast, the vacuum lift can be operated from within the safety of the vehicle cab, without the need for operatives to be working in the immediate vicinity.

Pat McDermottroe, head of procurement at Clancy said that the trial had demonstrated the importance of working with the supply chain to innovate:

“This partnership is designed to combine our on-the-ground expertise with PAM St Gobain’s technical expertise in design and manufacture. The new technique has the potential to not only save time onsite by moving equipment faster, but also improve the safety of our operatives working across our utility contracts.”

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