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The HS2 high-speed railway will link over 25 stations between London and Scotland and connect around 30 million people. Clancy were part of the initial utility engineering framework to facilitate this immense new infrastructure project in partnership with Costain Skanska joint venture (CSJV). As a multi-faceted company with expertise in sectors including energy, civil engineering, and water and wastewater, Clancy were ideally situated to work on a framework of this complexity.

Driving through High Speed 2’s ambitious programme requires sensitive and precise engineering to stitch the new route into the fabric of our capital, cities and towns. Together with Costain Skanska we look forward to completing this first phase of critical multi-utility works to unlock work on the route itself, while maintaining essential services for businesses and residents along its path. Seamus Keogh, Former CEO

Seamus Keogh

Former CEO


As a partner on the framework, Clancy were responsible for utility diversions and connections, installation of new services/cable routes/pipelines covering gas, electric, water and telecoms services. Schemes under the framework have included the clearance and rerouting of utilities from Granby Terrace Bridge and the Harrington Street sewer diversion. These were both vital in facilitating the excavations required for track widening at Euston Station to accommodate new dedicated HS2 rail lines.


The initial utility and engineering works on HS2 were a complex and challenging task, requiring interfaces with multiple stakeholders within Central London. Careful consideration was given to local residents; noise was constantly monitored and close collaboration with both the local authority and CSJV was effectively maintained throughout. As a high-profile public contract under intense scrutiny, Clancy ensured we worked in full compliance with HS2 works information documentation, constraints, governance, and sign-off procedures, and supported HS2’s social value and legacy goals through work opportunities for local people wherever possible.


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