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Clancy Scotland has committed to working with Scottish Water in a flexible, agile and supportive way that will deliver Scottish Water’s clear ambitions for the Lot 1 framework: achieve ‘Service Excellence’, ‘Go Beyond Net Zero Emissions’ and obtain ‘Great Value and Financial Sustainability’. As the Lot 1 contracting partner, Clancy Scotland is delivering a pan-Scotland repair and maintenance service covering leakage, metering, connections and Capital works in potable water and equivalent R&M and Small Value Capital works in wastewater. Clancy Scotland’s ‘localism’ model comprises local, directly-employed teams who are multi-skilled and capable of working across all functions and also local community supply chain partners, providing a valuable circular economy.

I am exceptionally proud of our long-standing relationship with Scottish Water spanning over 20 years and am fully committed to working together with all stakeholders to deliver Scottish Water’s SR21 ambitions, to exceed expectations, and to deliver the legacy that Scottish Water has set as its overarching strategic aim for this framework.

Matt Cannon



Clancy Scotland’s and Scottish Water’s shared vision is that the contract will evolve from its current focus on ‘Repair and Maintenance’ and transition towards a position where ‘Maintenance’ is the priority and ‘Repair’ plays a secondary, less reactionary role (i.e. move from R&M to M&R), delivering significant efficiencies for our client. The ‘localism’ model supports local communities by enabling greater economic resilience through a legacy of secure, skilled and long-term employment. Clancy are currently designing and developing a unique ‘decision tree matrix’ that optimises decisions around planning, scheduling and work order prioritisation that will revolutionise efficiency on this framework.



Our operating model harnesses the dynamism and creativity within our teams and across the supply chain which will drive long-term excellence and support Scottish Water’s legacy ambition to create ‘a flourishing Scotland’. By embracing technology and innovation, investing in state-of-the-art plant and equipment, and realising the efficiency benefits of our ‘right fix, first time’ approach, Clancy Scotland will help deliver Scottish Water’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2040, obtain great value and financial sustainability and achieve service excellence.

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