In Southampton, Clancy are replacing 20km of new water mains to help protect
water quality for local communities. This scheme is aiding Southern Water’s
commitment to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) to replace 110km of water
mains in the area by 2025.

Early in this scheme, we established a dedicated local project office, housing
key Clancy and Southern Water personnel. This close collaboration has enabled
an agile and timely response to any issues as soon as they arise.


This area of Southampton is densely populated with a high number of
residential homes, major retail businesses, and also key stakeholders such as
Southampton General Hospital in very close proximity to the work.

Early in the design phase, we identified which roads were under Highways
Authorities restrictions. Our team collaborated with Southampton City Council
Highways to understand which roads they had already allocated to their
maintenance programme in the area. From this, we were able to start work on
two critical sections early through coordinating our works with the Council’s
own works, ahead of our original construction schedule.


Clancy’s dedication to collaboration has enabled us to make significant
savings in the programme of works and ultimately reduce disturbances to
Southern Water’s customers. As a DWI-specific project, these time savings
are critical to meeting their fixed 2025 deadline.
To minimise the impact of works being undertaken, we have worked closely
with Southern Water to implement a detailed communication plan. A personalised approach has been taken to local communications, with letters
written to customers on a street-by-street basis in advance of our work,
enabling targeted, timely, and relevant communications to keep customers as
informed of progress as possible.

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