As part of a planned maintenance programme, Clancy and Scottish Water identified an area in Renfrewshire as a potential risk due to its age and structure. This meant that, when an important asset showed signs of weakening during maintenance in the autumn of 2022, Clancy was on hand to tackle an emerging scenario as it developed and swiftly repair the network.

Preparing access to maintain the waste water assets at Black Cart River.


Our team quickly stepped in to support the pipework in the short term to guard against the environmental and reputational risk of damage to the asset. We then turned to the planned repair and maintenance along the pipe, using external wraps to significantly increase the asset’s lifespan.

Pumping Station – Selwood pumps at Black Cart River


Working closely with the client and specialist partners, we delivered the planned repairs within just two months, while safeguarding the network and keeping it operational throughout. From the outset of the project we installed a CCTV system to ensure the health & safety, as well as the security, of the site. Time-lapse cameras were also used to monitor the works in real time and keep Scottish Water updated on progress.

CCTV pod to secure the site.

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