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Following a trial period, our bespoke workflow app is now live across the Clancy Traffic business.

The Associated Management System (AMS) provides real-time visibility of live nationwide traffic management operations. The app was created with our technology partner, Triangle, harnessing the best of third-party software and honed by expertise drawn from live situations.

AMS can track the availability of crews and critical assets such as VMS boards and impact protection vehicles. It can even show essential details like the current battery life of assets in the field.

Using this comprehensive data, we can ensure our teams are in the right place at the right time with the right kit. AMS has also helped us to digitise tasks including risk assessments and job completion records, reducing the amount of time our teams have to spend going back and forth between depots to hand in paperwork. This means more time on site and more flexibility to ensure the public are getting the best possible service.

Now that the app is fully in operation across our twelve depots, we’ve been able to eliminate up to 54,000 pieces of paperwork every month. This is a great step towards reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of administration for our teams.

Of course, nobody wants to trade safety for speed, and AMS contributes to both. The app ensures full compliance with health and safety procedures such as mandatory vehicle inspections by stopping team members from progressing a job until the appropriate checks are complete.

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