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Helping to keep the country running


Over the last 2 weeks the government and NHS have been building a new emergency hospital, NHS Nightingale at the Excel Convention Centre in London, which is now the world’s largest critical care facility and will take up to 4,000 critically ill patients.

An essential component of this audacious project is ensuring that the Excel Centre has sufficient electricity supply to support the huge levels of new equipment that have been installed and will be used non-stop in the coming weeks.

Our team have been working around the clock to ensure the supply to the centre is upgraded and resilient enough to support the demand it is going to face.

We thank the team involved for the incredible work they are doing to ensure we are playing our part in making sure the NHS have what they need!

Silvertown Substation Project

Clancy have been contracted to assist in the reinforcement of the 66kV FFC Circuit 4 running from West Ham Substation to Silvertown Substation. Reinforcement of this circuit means that the Nightingale Hospital will be provided with back up 9MVA power supply.

Due to current cable Fault C4, the aim of this task is to locate the cable leak either side of the Railway within Connaught Road and North Woolwich Road. The method of the works will be by carrying out excavation approx. 2/3m deep, locate the faulty cable and carry out freeze testing of the circuit to determine the direction of any subsequent leaks. The location of the leak has been identified under the railway where Clancy will assist the Client by pulling redundant cable out and replacing with new.

Silvertown Substation Project

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