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London Overground, supported by Clancy as key contractor, win 2015 ICE Civil Engineering Award


London ICE Award – Greatest Contribution to London

London Overground – Capacity Improvement Programme wins the highest award for the Greatest Contribution to London at the 2015 ICE London Civil Engineering Award.

The award was for the work on LOCIP delivering 5 car trains on the East London Line in record time where Clancy Docwra acted as Pre-enabling and Phase 1 Principle Contractor at Silwood Sidings

Clancy Docwra’s scope was to manage, design and deliver Pre-enabling and Phase 1 works at Silwood Sidings. Working closely with the Infrastructire Maintainer Contractor and London Overground to deliver this award winning project

  • Design & Build GRIP 5 – 8
  • Bulk Excavation and removal of Japanese knotweed
  • 240m piled retaining wall, including RC capping beam
  • Major temporary works (track and cutting support)
  • Monitoring of the site / adjacent tracks
  • Utility diversion / new DNO
  • 2400m of drainage, walkways and access roads
  • Oversite capping layer, geotextile layer, track formation & compaction
  • Pumping and retention pond – construction of new pump chambers and alterations to existing pipework and headwells

Enviromental Goals – we successfully removed and treated or diverted;

  • 80,000 tons of surplus contaminated waste – 90% diverted away from hazardous landfill.
  • 5000m3 of Asbestos removed safely
  • 3500m3 segregated and treated onsite
  • Recycled 8000m3 inert material for access road, bases and backfill
  • Remediated 5988m3 of Hazardous / Contaminated Waste through our onsite Soil Hospital

The East London section of the London Overground is a great success story with passenger numbers rocketing since the line was revamped in 2011. These increased passenger numbers meant capacity enhancements were needed with the Mayor setting a deadline of December 2014. The extra capacity has been created by increasing the length of the trains from four to five cars. This involved the delivery of a complex programme of platform lengthening, train stabling, signalling upgrades and maintenance facilities for the longer trains, a job that had to be done in just 20 months. A new depot has been built on contaminated wasteland at Silwood Sidings and a maintenance shed at New Cross Gate has been extended to fit the new trains in. All this had to be done without affecting day time services or train maintenance, a job the project team finished on time. The judges said: “An increase in capacity has been achieved with very little intervention and cost which will dramatically improve the service for commuters. This complex job was delivered without any impact on the service.”

A big congratulations to all the Clancy Docwra LOCIP team who contributed to the success of this significant project.

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