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Multi Utility services save developers time & money

Multi Utility

As Multi Utility continues to grow across the UK marketplace there is evidence that this approach has benefits to the Developers both from a cost and delivery.

Historically developers have had to interface with a number of different utility providers, third-party consultants and planners, and then ultimately with councils to get utilities installed on-site. These are processes which can be frustratingly slow, unnecessarily costly, and often head-scratchingly complicated.

However, with new models of service now being offered, Clancy Docwra is leading the way in delivering a streamlined, more efficient and less costly installation of Multi Utility (MU) services onto developers’ sites. Rather than opening up trenches again and again, a MU offering can deliver everything required at once, notching up a victory for both common sense and for the customer who pays for the service. The savings are considerable – not only financially, but in time saved to the customer and in a reduced environmental impact.

A proud history in Multi Utility

Our MU services to the Developer Community began in Scotland some 11 years ago with a proven track record of delivery. We then moved into the North East of England followed quickly by the North West and latterly Yorkshire. Across all these current regions we have over 1,000 live sites and completed works on over 300 projects. It is on the back of this track record of delivery that we are now progressing further down the UK into new regions where Multi Utility is a rather new approach to a Developer’s Utility requirements.

Where next?

We feel there is an exceptional opportunity to expand our MU offering into the South of England and Clancy Docwra Group Business Development Manager, Ronan Clancy, and his team in the South of England, are leading the way in the expansion of the integrated MU service that customers everywhere are increasingly demanding

For futher information about our MU services contact Ronan Clancy, Group Business Development Manager

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