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8 new initiatives projected to propel performance


At Clancy Docwra we’re always trying new things to improve our operational outputs and to satisfy our customers’ needs. As with all the industries today, technology is changing the landscape and speed of how we do business and it is bringing us closer together with our clients and customers. We see this journey as constantly evolving; some things will work while others will ultimately fail, but each lesson is invaluable. These are a few innovation projects we have in the pipeline:

  • OneDesk Planning: as part of the Infrastructure Alliance with Thames Water, Clancy Docwra is spearheading the implementation of this new approach to planning in the Thames Valley.
  • CCIS Maps system: our Clancy Mobile device allows us to monitor jobs real-time which enables us to review performance and provide instant feedback to our clients and our customers.
  • Vac Excavations for Water Leaks: minimal excavation method currently being tested with our alliance partners Anglian Water.
  • Tableau + IFS Integration for data visualisation and analytics: we’re trying different ways to make sense and visualise of the vast amount of data we produce on a daily basis, giving managers better tools to adapt to optimise resources.
  • Project 1984: we are trying to decode patterns in the movements of water operatives to extract information about their performance and safety.
  • Roadmender Version 2.0: this is an improved Roadmender that incorporates the mixing drum into a low flatbed truck, eliminating the need for a second trailer for operations.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Additives: it has been tested in a few vehicles for the past couple of months aiming at reducing carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs on our van fleet.
  • Reinstatement Colour Blocks: a simple solution to reduce reinstatement defects and have a better working relationship with the Local Authorities, currently being trialled and approved in the South West.

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